Here are a few things you should check out when you land at ASIS 2010 this week. Check back on this blog daily for posts that pertain to things seen on the show floor and events that impact your business.
For those attending ASIS 2010 in Dallas, there will be a special opportunity to support the Wounded Warrior Project. The ASIS Foundation and the ASIS Military Liaison Council (MLC) are accepting donations online for a limited time. At ASIS 2010 in Dallas, donations will be accepted in person at the ASIS Foundation Golf Tournament on Monday, October 11, 2010 and at the President’s Reception on Tuesday, October 12, 2010. The link is: The link may also be accessed at under the ASIS Store tab.
G4S Secure Solutions intends to give away iPads to 10 attendees at ASIS 2010 this week. Winners will be drawn from attendees who pick up iPad entry cards at the G4S booth and get them stamped by G4S security officers attending the show and circulating throughout the ASIS show floor. The promotion will celebrate the company’s name change from G4S Wackenhut to G4S. To win an iPad, attendees must have their entry cards stamped with all three elements the new G4S provides to customers — technology, manpower and innovation. Completed cards must be returned to the G4S booth to be eligible for the iPad drawing.
Booth 2832
Vitek Industrial Video Products Inc. invites you to stop and see its new product display at ASIS 2010. The company said it would proudly display its new HD CCTV products, laser video transmission system, infrared bullet camera, and audio surveillance solution. Also, enter for a chance to win a signed Tony Romo helmut.
Booth 4807
FLIR Systems will have live demonstrations of its new, affordable, high-resolution 640 × 480 thermal security cameras at ASIS 2010. These high-resolution 640 × 480 thermal security cameras give security professionals four times the resolution of earlier generation 320 × 240 products. This lets security professionals cover the same area with fewer cameras. These high-resolution imagers provide better image detail, superior range performance, wider coverage areas, and more reliable results when used with video analytics.
Booth 3632
Visit e-DATA to learn about:
e-DATA Fingerprint Key Biometric Reader
• Embedded enrollment software
• Indoor/outdoor rated
• Compact, sleek design
• Three-factor authentication
• Works with e-DATA’s system or the integrator’s (with or without cards)
e-DATA Embedded Access Control
• Web appliance: IP device managed with any browser
• Requires no server or PC software
• Global rights distribution, enrollment
• Detailed audits and reports
• Fully scalable, multi-site systems
e-DATA wants you to see how easy it is to enroll in its biometric reader at ASIS. You’ll then be eligible for one of two free Apple iPads.
Booth 3269
Gallagher North America Inc. invites you to visit its booth at ASIS 2010, where the company will have “all our exciting products, experts, and top executives on hand to answer all your questions.”
Booth 3551
Speco Technologies will be exhibiting at ASIS 2010 and will feature several cutting edge products, including:
• HDcctv™ high-definition cameras — new digital high-resolution technology that is easy to install without networking issues.
• Weatherproof bullet camera
• Tamperproof/weatherproof dome camera
• Traditional camera
• Focus Free SIP IP cameras
• License plate recognition camera
• H.264 covert wall mount DVR, and more.
Booth 1941
Medeco High Security Locks will debut its new suite of Small Form Interchangeable Core (SFIC) products, Smart SFIC Solutions™. Launched in July as a joint effort with Arrow Lock, the suite offers three locks — KeyMark x4, Arrow Pointe, and Nexgen XT, providing a range of security protection without the need for new hardware, wiring or repairs to existing locks. Nexgen XT offers a quick and easy retrofit option for facilities that utilize SFIC cylinders.
Booth 301
The PlaSec Enterprise Appliance is a robust, IT-standards-compliant, full-featured Physical Access Control System (PACS), ideal for any large site. It efficiently scales from a local deployment to a regional/national/multi-national program. PlaSec Enterprise Appliances makes use of a 100 percent browser-based interface, support open field hardware, eliminate the need to interact with an operating system or relational database management system, provide a free SIEM data tool (Splunk), and has a powerful Collaboration Platform tool chest to push/pull data from a wide range of systems in all IT industry standard formats.
Booth 2417
Check out the ionitRetail Suite from Ionit Technologies, a new hybrid video recording system. It combines Ionit’s industry-leading compression technology with state-of-the-art business intelligence, video analytics and monitoring sensors, the company described. Particularly suited for retail, the ionitRetail HVR is able to provide people counting, queue times, dwell times, traffic counts and facial detection for measuring in-store shopper engagement. These features can be integrated with a company’s POS system and their employee time card system to yield conversion rates per shopper, aisle and SKU.
Booth 3383
Videx invites you to stop by its booth at ASIS, where it will be showcasing the new CyberKey Vault 20. This smart key cabinet offers a whole new level of accountability and key control. Electronic keys that are stored in the vault contain no permissions to open any locks in a facility. When an employee needs a key, their RFID card or PIN must be entered to open the vault and request a key to be programmed and released. The key that is released contains the access permissions specific only to that person so they can do their job: what locks they may open and when. The vault keeps management informed through the audit reports and alerts that are automatically sent to them.
Booth 1841
Infinova will showcase its partnership with Milestone, in which Infinova’s integrators and distributors can help customers control video surveillance, reduce maintenance costs and protect their business environment by offering Infinova megapixel and IP cameras installed with Milestone Systems XProtect Video Management software. Because Milestone’s products are based on an open platform that uses the TCP/IP network protocol, Infinova integrators and their customers will be able to build the video surveillance solutions using standard video and computer hardware.
Booth 1447