A belated note on the passing of Tim Gallagher, long-time security equipment salesman, on April 10, 2011 in Las Vegas. Tim was a 'big man" in both meanings of the term: not only was he physically large, but he also could fill a room with his personality. I worked with him on many projects and we always had fun together. He is missed today by his wife, family and associates.

God bless you, Tim. And for those of us who are pushing into the second half of a century of life and still think we're 18, take the time and effort to get regular medical checkups. Small problems can get way too big if neglected.

While you're at it, consider the words of one of our industry oracles, Mike Simon of Standguard Security, who once told me, "No one lies on their deathbed and wishes that they had worked more." Take the time to play with the kids, dance with the wife, and smell the roses.