Kennesaw, Ga.-based security dealer LOUD Security Systems Inc. is somewhat unique in that it has grown large enough to be on the SDM 100 (ranked No. 92) without having its own central station. The company prefers to outsource that capability.

LOUD began using San Antonio, Texas-based United Central Control (UCC) as its central station nine years ago and has been happy with the service provided. LOUD Security President John Loud also sees tremendous benefit in the dealer programs that UCC offers, including an ongoing dealer advisory where “20-plus dealers get together to discuss best practices,” Loud notes.

But when UCC announced early this year that it had been sold, LOUD management had the sorts of concerns any business would have when a critical supplier was acquired. Would service and programs remain at the same level?

While discussing this issue with the new owners, John Loud and LOUD Security General Manager Eric Widner found out more about other third-party central stations and what they could offer. That process included creating a checklist of capabilities LOUD hoped to see, along with visits to seven central stations. The process, along with what Loud and Widner learned from it, is documented in the August 2016 issue of SDM on page 89 and at

What did LOUD Security decide to do?

This month, the company reached a new agreement with UCC.

“After evaluating lots of outstanding central stations from around the country with different technologies and teams, we realized that the partner we selected many years ago is still top-notch and the right strategic alliance to stay with for years to come,” Loud told SDM exclusively.

Loud’s advice to other dealers: “Checking in on strategic partnerships every several years to make sure you’ve got the right relationships is paramount.”