The IXM Mobile smartphone app extends the company’s flagship solution, IXM TITAN, and enterprise-grade software, IXM WEB. The mobile app will provide end users with features designed to enhance their biometric security system for staff and visitors. Designed for use with TITAN, IXM Mobile offers five licensed features: remote face enrollment, digital card or QR code as contactless credentials, a custom attestation questionnaire, and vital signs screening. With face enrollment via IXM Mobile, employees will no longer need to enroll for face recognition on-site. Remote face enrollment enables IXM Mobile to generate a biometric template using Invixium’s face enrollment algorithm for use with TITAN. The app will then securely transfer each individual’s biometric template to IXM WEB, Invixium’s enterprise-grade software. The administrator can then assign the template to specific doors or devices for access control or workforce management. Businesses can now choose between dynamic QR codes or digital card for each staff member, visitor, contractor and more. Through IXM Mobile, Invixium now provides businesses with a digital attestation questionnaire for health screening, disclaimers and more. Through IXM Mobile and each person’s smartphone camera, Invixium’s healthy access solution can screen a person’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, stress level and heart rate variability.

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