In support of Carrier’s Healthy Buildings program and the safe return to work, LenelS2 introduced a COVID-19 contact notification subscription-based service for businesses and other organizations using LenelS2’s OnGuard or NetBox access control security systems along with LenelS2’s BlueDiamond mobile credential app. 

This new service complements LenelS2’s touchless building access solutions by providing BlueDiamond-credentialed users with the ability to assess their health symptoms, receive real-time social distancing reminders and anonymized notifications if they have recently come into contact with a user that self-assessed as being positive for COVID-19. 

“The global pandemic has changed expectations for health and safety in the workplace,” said Jeff Stanek, president of LenelS2. “The BlueDiamond contact notification service empowers our customers with the tools they need to help address today’s challenges and provide greater confidence in a safe return to work.”

The contact notification service in the BlueDiamond mobile app identifies and communicates anonymized real-time COVID-19 risks and provides employees with a safer building experience while empowering building administrators with the data they need to monitor and manage potential exposure risks in the workplace. Contact notification includes daily self-assessments for employees to report any symptoms or self-report their positive COVID-19 status. Based on the results from the daily assessment, employee mobile credentials can be automatically restricted for a configurable quarantine period from within the app as pre-defined by the administrator or company policy. 

The BlueDiamond contact notification service utilizes mobile-to-mobile Bluetooth technology to help enforce social distancing in the workplace and provides real-time app notifications to employees who violate distancing guidelines. Leveraging an administration console, building administrators can configure contact notification parameters and proactively monitor trends in the workplace. Beyond initial provisioning requirements, contact notification is hardware independent and can be quickly implemented by LenelS2 customers. 

The latest BlueDiamond app version also includes a variety of non-subscription-based updates to improve the access control and user experience. Two-factor authentication leveraging touch ID, face ID or a smartphone passcode can now be used as a method for validating a BlueDiamond mobile credential user. In-app tutorials provide users with an easy way to use other currently available app features.  

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