RSPNDR, a technology company providing automated on-demand mobile guard response to unverified alarms, is partnering with MAS Monitoring for a native integration with MASterMind central monitoring station software.

“The opportunity to integrate with MAS will accelerate adoption so more monitoring stations, dealers, guard companies and end-users can start to see the benefits of having a faster, more transparent response to unverified alarms in less steps,” said Mark Zimmerman, CEO of RSPNDR.

RSPNDR connects monitoring stations that have active unverified alarms to a network of licensed on-demand mobile guards that respond based on proximity. When alarms are triggered, end users expect a fast response. Local law enforcement, in some places, have deprioritized response to unverified alarms and this has led to longer response times or in some cases, no response. Without employing guards, RSPNDR partners with local licensed guard companies to deliver alarm response demand, as needed in just one click. The platform algorithmically pings the mobile unit able to respond first. Monitoring companies get full operational progression transparency in real time and documentation for full accountability. By delivering an end-to-end automation of key processes, RSPNDR saves time and resources, making monitoring and guard companies more profitable, cost-effective and productive. 

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