The 300-IP SIP paging horn is designed for voice paging via SIP and multicast. It also allows for background music, mass notification tones and messages via multicast. The 300-IP registers as a third-party SIP endpoint device to a hosted or local VoIP SIP phone system. The paging horn can automatically answer inbound calls and allow paging through the unit. The same horn can also be assigned to as many as 10 multicast groups which allows it to receive prioritized pages. The 300-IP is PoE powered, and the built-in class D amplifier is capable of driving audio through the horn at up to 113 dB SPL. Viking’s model RC-4A is able to sync with the 300-IP to provide relay closure capabilities for door strike, paging, loud ringing and ring-flash modes. For outdoor installations where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation the 300-IP is available with enhanced weather protection and is designed to meet IP66 standards. 

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