The 300TB-IP SIP paging horn is designed for two-way conversations and paging via SIP, and also allows for standard one-way paging and background music via multicast. The 300TB-IP registers as a third-party SIP endpoint device to a hosted or local VoIP SIP phone system. Page a single horn by dialing its phone extension and assign the same horn to up to 10 multicast groups to receive prioritized group pages. It is PoE powered, and the built-in class D amplifier is capable of driving audio through the 300TB-IP at up to 113 dB SPL. An auxiliary switch input on the 300TB-IP allows for the option of a hard-wired switch for placing standard or emergency phone calls. The onboard microphone enables two-way conversation through the horn, and also monitors ambient noise levels for automatic horn-volume adjustments. For outdoor installations where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation the 300TB-IP is available with enhanced weather protection and designed to meet IP66 standards. 

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