Oak View Group (OVG), the global venue development, advisory and investment company for the sports and live entertainment industry, introduces new patron screening technology to multiple properties as the result of a new partnership with Patriot One Technologies.

The partnership will enable OVG properties to utilize Patriot One's SmartGateway system to enhance the customer experience and increase safety and security. Patriot One’s flagship patron screening solution, the SmartGateway system, is designed for large, ticketed events to enable high ingress and customizability based on the client’s individual needs and security requirements.

“Our guests are not just simply entering a venue to attend an event,” said Tim Leiweke, chairman and CEO, Oak View Group. “They are expecting an engaging, memorable, and compelling experience, and that starts with their entry. Through Patriot One SmartGateway, we will continue providing a high-quality customer experience while ensuring our guests feel comfortable and safe when they attend an event."

SmartGateway scans customers upon entry and can detect guns, knives, and other potential weapons in the patron’s possession without the need to remove personal items from pockets. This results in a superior solution for securing events, with attendees unaware of the solution while enjoying an entry experience up to 10 times faster than was previously possible. 

Patriot One Technologies’ SmartGateway is currently in use at the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky., and Moody Center in Austin, Texas, and is now available to all OVG owned & operated venues, OVG360-managed venues and OVG Arena Alliance members. 

“This partnership is the culmination of work we’ve already done with Oak View Group, in new and existing venues and at many events,” said Patriot One Technologies CEO Peter Evans. “We’ve worked with OVG on several new projects and are pleased to structure this partnership to make it easier for OVG properties to benefit from SmartGateway.”

Chief Security Officer Mike Downing at Oak View Group’s Prevent Advisors, said, “On behalf of professional sports leagues, we test arenas and stadiums continually to identify potential gaps in their security operations and systems. We’ve seen all brands of gateway screeners and security systems as part of our red-team tests and are thrilled to partner with Patriot One, as SmartGateway delivers the best security balanced with patron ingress and experience.” 

For more information, visit patriot1tech.com/patscan/multi-sensor/.