The United States Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has selected Patriot One’s Multi-Sensor Gateway patron screening solution for use at its headquarters building in Washington, D.C. to secure employee entrances. The system will play an important role in improving employee safety, while providing them with a more convenient experience by eliminating the need for people to empty their pockets or have their bags checked separately.

The system can detect weapons and other threats before they have a chance to cause harm. As a result of this partnership, the D.C. Protective Services Division will be able to provide a safer environment for all who work or live in the district.

The project was conducted with Maven Security Technologies, a D.C.-based security company that provides solutions for biodefense, access control, and intelligent threat detection. The combination of Maven Security’s consulting services with Patriot One’s Multi-Sensor Gateway technology allowed OIG to elevate its screening process with higher accuracy than traditional walk-through metal detectors.

“OIG completed successful evaluations of our technology in late 2021 and we look forward to working with them and Maven Security Technologies, partner of Smith & Sons, LLC, who also worked closely on this project,” said Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One. “OIG understands the importance of protecting its employees and the broader community, and is a big believer in being ahead of the security technology curve. Using the most modern, innovative security technology allows them to protect employee entrances and deliver a more efficient, professional experience.”

The OIG is an executive branch agency of the United States federal government that conducts audits, inspections, and investigations of government programs and operations. Its mission is to conduct independent and objective audits and investigations relating to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) programs and operations, in order to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in DHS programs and operations.

“We are constantly looking for new, cutting-edge security technology that we can utilize to improve our client’s overall security posture, and that improves their operations, reduces costs, and brands them as innovators,” said Benjamin Wells, CEO and founder of Maven Security Technologies. “We reviewed a number of alternative solutions. Patriot One’s advanced technology was a perfect fit for OIG and what they are looking to accomplish at their headquarters location, with the plans and the potential to expand this type of deployment at other D.C. agencies in the future.”