The SAP Center at San Jose, home of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks, has signed an agreement to deploy the Patriot One Technologies’ patron screening solution and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform to secure all entrances to the nearly 18,000-seat facility for all non-NHL events. In addition, Patriot One’s solutions will be deployed to protect all entrances at Tech CU Arena, the new 4,200-seat home of the San Jose Barracuda at Sharks Ice at San Jose.

SAP Center will use the system for all non-NHL events including home games for the Bay Area Panthers of the Indoor Football League (IFL), and also at Tech CU Arena during home games for the San Jose Barracuda (American Hockey League). The brand-new Tech CU Arena is part of a nearly 200,000-square-foot expansion of Sharks Ice at San Jose that makes the facility the largest in North America.

“It was important for us to find a security screening solution that was flexible enough to meet the varied configurations for our different events, while protecting our fans and staff and enabling a safe, but convenient guest experience,” said Mike McCarroll, vice president of guest experience at SAP Center. “We want to make sure SAP Center and Tech CU Arena’s security technology is the best on the market and meets the highest industry standards, while allowing us to enhance the guest experience.”

Patriot One will provide both locations with a fast, frictionless and highly secured entry experience with its AI-powered SmartGateway solution for events at the venue. As home to multiple teams, it is essential that SAP Center’s screening solution is flexible and gets patrons through security lines quickly and efficiently, while accurately detecting any hidden prohibited items such as guns and knives.

“Partnering with forward-thinking organizations like Sharks Sports & Entertainment makes complete sense — they require next-gen technology to secure their state-of-the-art facilities, which is exactly what Patriot One can provide, along with customization to fit their unique security standards and requirements,” said Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One. “These organizations have a compelling vision of digital innovation, not only for today, but in the future, to enhance and enrich the live entertainment experience for their customers. Working together with them, and the leadership at the NHL throughout the year to define a best-in-class experience, has opened new opportunities for Patriot One. Most importantly, our solution uniquely meets, and has been certified to meet, the DOJ NIJ standard for large and medium weapons, and therefore also the NHL’s requirements for prohibited items.”

Patriot One’s Gateway solution uses AI sensors to unobtrusively detect knives, guns and other prohibited items on patrons as they enter a facility, without them having to divest of personal items. It can accurately distinguish between a weapon and an innocuous item like a smartphone, and then alert security personnel for a secondary screening, if needed. SmartGateway was purpose-built for stadiums and other high throughput venues for a modern, fast and safe security screening option.

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