SDM is accepting nominations for its second annual Project of the Year award, which was launched last year to recognize outstanding projects, regardless of size or field, and the dealers and integrators that bring them to life.

“There are so many interesting project stories out there that integrators are working on, and it’s a shame most go unreported,” says Karyn Hodgson, editor-in-chief of SDM. “The Project of the Year award is an opportunity to shine a light on the best of these and share them with the industry.”

Nominations must be for a North American commercial project started, completed, upgraded or ongoing over the past 14 months (November 2022 through January 2023). Nominations must include a named customer that agrees to the case study’s publication. 

The project should demonstrate at least one of the following: extraordinary resources, unique applications or integrations, an interesting story or customer, or an intriguing challenge solved by the dealer or integrator. The award will go to the security dealer or integrator who performed the work, but anyone may nominate a project, including the end user, manufacturing partner, distributor, dealer or integrator.

Projects can be nominated by others, or companies can nominate their own projects. Entries meeting the basic qualifications outlined in the nomination form will receive a formal application from SDM and need to return it by a specific deadline. After SDM’s editorial staff receives all applications, we review and score them individually, then compare scores to determine a winner. 

The winner will be profiled in our April 2023 issue and on the website. While there will be only one winner, other top nominees may be included in the “Technology @ Work” department as a case study in a future issue. 

To nominate a Project of the Year, complete and return the online nomination form so it arrives in SDM’s inbox no later than January 13, 2023.

For more information on the Project of the Year award, visit If you have any questions, please contact SDM Content Editor Laura Toops at