California recently adopted gun violence prevention legislation that will require firearms dealers to install video surveillance systems that record all interior views of entrances and exits to the premises, all areas where firearms are displayed, and all points of sale. 

The law (Senate Bill 1384) aims to prevent unlawful firearms sales and reduce gun violence, as well as aid law enforcement investigations by creating digital surveillance requirements for firearms dealers. The new security measures include mandating audio surveillance for any systems located indoors. 

Surveillance must be sufficient to identify all parties involved in any firearm transactions and shall continuously record for 24 hours a day. The new law also requires all recordings to be maintained for a minimum of one year and limits who has access to the recordings and images. 

Licensed dealers will also be required to display a sign notifying the public of the existence of the digital surveillance systems as well as annually report to the California Department of Justice that the systems are in working order. 

SB 1384 outlines specific standards and parameters that digital video and audio surveillance systems must be able to comply with. For example, the law specifies that the surveillance systems must maintain a frame rate of no less than 15 frames per second, display the date and time, be equipped with a failure notification system, and that all recordings must be stored in a secure manner for authorized users only. 

There more than 2,000 firearms dealers in California that will be required to obtain the appropriate surveillance equipment necessary to comply by Jan. 1, 2024. Due to the complexities and relatively short time frame to comply with the new requirements, security  dealers and integrators in California should begin working with customers to raise awareness of the passage of SB 1384, the Security Industry Association (SIA) advised in an announcement. 

SIA has developed a quick fact sheet on SB 1384 to assist security providers in these education efforts over the next year. 

SIA members interested in audio applications for security, safety and intelligent communications are encouraged to join the SIA Audio & Intelligent Communications Subcommittee.