As the following SDM exclusives, feature articles and news items illustrate, 2022 saw an industry in constant motion. What comes alive are security dealers and integrators navigating business and marketplace challenges, innovating to remain competitive, and deploying products and services to meet customer needs and requirements.

Following are 10 of our most read stories in 2022. 

Despite the uncertainty and challenges it presented, however, the top security dealers held their own, and some even thrived, finding new paths and opportunities. 

Supply chain issues, hiring challenges and ongoing COVID-19 concerns may have shaped 2021, but none of these were able to put a damper on the steady growth of demand for video surveillance products and services. 

Once relegated to simple locks and card reader panels, access control is assuming a starring role in overall business operations. 

A 2MP dome camera installed by LaMarco Systems captured images of the suspect fleeing in an alleyway moments after the massacre. 

Usually overshadowed by other industry technologies despite being the most necessary, fire alarms are gaining new capabilities that ensure overall building safety. 

Industry watchers foreshadow much bigger things ahead in the realm of IoT penetration into the smart home following the big ADT-State Farm partnership. 

When it comes to maintaining relationships with customers, this company is at the top of its game, all while increasing revenue and keeping employees healthy, happy and engaged. 

More integrators are growing their recurring monthly revenue (RMR) business, and the trend is a win for both them and their customers. 

With recent code updates that have led to significant advances in the technology, fire alarm signaling devices prove that being loud and flashy isn’t a bad thing. 

Customer demand for smart home security systems grew during the pandemic, and with more integrated conveniences available than ever before, shows no sign of slowing down.