Eagle Eye Networks announced its newly enhanced Enterprise Edition and new AI-powered tools for enterprise businesses.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS true cloud video surveillance platform is designed to safeguard businesses, while delivering cybersecurity assurance, business intelligence, flexibility and scalability.

Eagle Eye Camera Direct Complete — for both large multi-site organizations and small businesses. Connect cameras directly to the cloud; no Bridge or extra hardware required. All of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS features including AI-based Video Search, Smart Layouts are available with this direct-to-cloud solution.

Eagle Eye Enhanced Enterprise Edition — AI-powered Smart Layouts, and enterprise tools for device and user management are now part of Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Enterprise Edition. Complementing the core features of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, the newly enhanced Enterprise Edition adds capabilities for the high-stakes security requirements of enterprise businesses.

Eagle Eye Smart Video Search — Since its July 2022 launch, Smart Video Search has won four international awards. See how searching for video can be as easy as searching the web. Immediately find the exact video across all cameras in all sites. Available to all Eagle Eye Cloud VMS users globally with no extra subscription cost or added hardware.

“The steady migration to cloud is picking up steam, even in the one year since ISC West 2022,” said Jon Cropley, principal analyst, Novaira Insights. “In our survey of end users published in January 2023, we found that any perceived barrier to moving to cloud video surveillance is quickly disappearing. Only 14% of respondents based in the USA or Canada indicated there were future barriers preventing their organization from using more cloud solutions. This was down from 55% of respondents in a previous survey, from January 2022.”

For more information, visit: een.com