The MOBOTIX SYNC data management software collects and structures data from intelligent apps installed on MOBOTIX 7 cameras and the MOBOTIX MOVE ALPR camera. The resulting analyses and results are designed to make companies and organizations safer and to protect people, facilities and equipment. They also automate and improve processes. MOBOTIX SYNC is designed to add profit in many areas, including industry, production and logistics, traffic monitoring, hotels and parking lot management. The software synchronizes the data even in a network of several hundred cameras across many locations, providing the user with information that could not previously be generated in this way. The data can be visualized in various forms. The descriptive graphs, dashboards, and key performance indicators are immediately visible, trends can be identified, and the information can be interpreted in real time. The data also trigger events and alarms that can be output via various interfaces. In industry, machine-reading the nameplate of components for different tranches can be used to determine throughput times in production and thus optimize processes.