ZeroEyes, the creators of the only AI-based gun detection video analytics platform that holds the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation, announced that its solution will be deployed across all Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises properties. The gaming organization originally implemented ZeroEyes at its flagship location, River Spirit Casino, in October 2022, and is expanding the deployment based on its early success.

Recognizing the need for proactive security measures and improved early detection response to potential workplace threats, Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises recently launched an extensive active shooter training program across its nine properties, which span eleven counties in eastern Oklahoma. The program revealed a critical hole in the organization’s emergency response; it lacked a means of providing early gun detection and actionable intelligence during active shooter incidents. The expanded deployment of ZeroEyes’ AI gun detection and intelligent situational awareness solution is intended to address this issue.

ZeroEyes' software will be layered on existing digital cameras across the Muscogee Nation Gaming properties. If an illegally brandished gun is identified, images will instantly be shared with a specialized group of U.S. military and law enforcement veterans at one of the in-house ZeroEyes Operation Centers (ZOC) that are staffed 24/7/365. These experts are trained to verify the threat and dispatch alerts and actionable intelligence, including visual description, gun type and last known location, to local staff and law enforcement as fast as 3 to 5 seconds from detection.

“Our primary concern is the safety of our patrons and employees, and the early detection and efficient communication provided by ZeroEyes plays a critical role,” said Travis Thompson, director of compliance, River Spirit Casino. “After witnessing the power of the technology at River Spirit Casino, we knew that it was only a matter of time before we would deploy it across the entire organization. We prioritize situational awareness as the most effective approach to ensuring safety, and ZeroEyes plays a vital role, empowering our employees to be prepared and ensure that, in the instance of a threat, our patrons are swiftly guided to safety.”

Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises is one of the largest tribal casino owners and operators in the United States. Its flagship property, River Spirit Casino, spans 200,000 square feet and welcomes around 10,000 guests daily.

“We are honored to expand our partnership with Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises and further support its mission to enhance the safety and security of its properties,” said Mike Lahiff, CEO and co-founder of ZeroEyes. “It is gratifying to see a company so driven to proactively protect its employees and guests against gun-related violence, and we remain steadfast in our shared goal of saving lives.”

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