BioStation 3 is an access control terminal that provides 100% contactless authentication methods, including facial authentication, RFID cards, QR codes, barcodes, mobile access cards and virtual PIN. BioStation 3 is a multi-factor facial authentication reader with an integrated intercom and rated for outdoor use. With a slim and compact form factor similar in size to a smartphone, it is easy to install and suitable for any door or building, from a small office to an enterprise environment. The BioStation 3 not only cleans up the real-estate these devices require but creates a clear and significant ROI by combining all the devices located at a door or gate.

BioStation 3 is equipped with an AI processor enhanced with an NPU (Neural Processing Unit), creating an efficient, secure and fast facial authentication system. The NPU is a microprocessor that specializes in the acceleration of machine learning algorithms, making it ideal for operating predictive models such as artificial neural networks (ANNs) or random forests (RFs).

Suprema introduced Face Template on Mobile, an authentication method that allows users to store, enroll and manage their facial profile directly on their mobile phone without having to store it in the company's database. This gives users complete control over their own ID and privacy, adding another level beyond its current GDPR compliance.

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