The FaceStation 2 smart face recognition terminal employs intelligent facial recognition ensuring highly accurate personal identification and authentication for improved overall security with contactless operation. Mobile access utilizes iOS and Android smartphones as a secure personal access credential. FaceStation 2 delivers outstanding performance including up to 3,000 matches per second; a memory capacity capable of accommodating up to 30,000 users; 50,000 image logs and 5 million text logs; live face detection with IR-based fake face blocking (anti-spoofing) technology; and multi-band RF reading technology to support the latest RFID standards for multi-modal credentialing when required. The device features an Android-based touchscreen LCD that requires little to no training for both users and system administrators. The product turns virtually any iOS or Android smartphone into a highly secure contactless access credentialing device. FaceStation 2 will soon become compatible with Suprema Mobile Access, providing a seamlessly convenient and fast operation. Users can simply tap their smartphone on an RFID reader to gain access from distances within 10 cm without the need to wake the host smartphone.

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