Kathleen Schraufnagel of Brink’s Home Security received the inaugural Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) William N. Moody Award for her volunteer service to the industry from SIAC executive director Stan Martin.
The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) honored Bill Moody with the SIAC Excellence Award in recognition of decades of service to the industry and the promotion of enhanced public safety throughout North America.

SIAC also announced the establishment of the SIAC William N. Moody Excellence Award to recognize those who continue to work to maximize the benefit that alarm systems provide to communities. The inaugural SIAC William N. Moody Award was presented to Kathleen Schraufnagel of Brink’s Home Security at the monthly luncheon meeting of the North Texas Alarm Association in Dallas in August.

“Bill Moody demands no more than he gives himself and his dedication to carrying the alarm management message to law enforcement receives little recognition,” said SIAC executive director Stan Martin. “Bill has set a high standard for professional conduct in the industry.” Moody has been at the forefront of the industry efforts to promote effective use of alarm systems and developing strong public/private partnerships with law enforcement on the national and local level through his work with SIAC and other industry initiatives. “He brings a strong and clear message to law enforcement, municipal staff and elected officials and members of the alarm industry that the work we do is important.”

In addition to working directly with public agencies, Moody has mentored many industry leaders and encouraged all companies in the industry to become involved in their local community.

The inaugural award, to recognize outstanding contributions and leadership of other individuals, was presented to Kathleen Schraufnagel, recognized as one of the strongest leaders on alarm response issues in the United States.

Martin said, “Kathleen is dedicated to the industry, self-motivated, diligent in work, and always available to pitch in at any time no matter what the workload.” Schraufnagel has been engaged in alarm management issues for more than 13 years, serving as chair of the NBFAA Alarm Response Management Committee and participating in leadership positions with SIAC, CARE, FARA, North Texas Alarm Association, Texas Burglar & Fire Alarm Association and several policy think-tank committees.

For further information contact Stan Martin at stan@siacinc.org or visit the SIAC web site at www.SIACinc.org.