The eight-channel VideoJet 8008 and VideoJet 8004 encoders offer DVD-quality real-time video combined with efficient use of bandwidth for a compact solution where multi-camera transmission and recording is required. The encoders offer multi-channel capability through eight non-multiplexed MPEG-4 video streams simultaneously over a gigabit Ethernet connection. The 8008’s maximum data rate is 30 images per second (IPS) at four CIF/Full D1, producing resolution as good as a live camera. The 8004 offers a choice of 15 IPS at four CIF or 30 IPS at two CIF. The encoders can be configured as 1U-high rack-mount or desktop units, and are available with optional audio capability. Both feature 10 alarm inputs plus multicasting and Internet streaming. Security applications include highway management, transportation, correctional facilities, casinos, government, university and business campuses and large retail stores. Bosch Security Systems

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