I was told that telephoning the winner ofSDM’ssecond annual Integrator of the Year awards program would be the best phone call I would make all year, and it certainly was enjoyable to hear Cynthia Freschi, president of North American Video (NAV), Brick, N.J., literally cheer when she received the news.

Her excitement made me think about the hard work required to win awards and what these awards mean to the recipients. People spend their lives toiling in the security and integration industries, putting in the extra hours on weekends, being on call 24/7, and so infrequently being thanked for it, because it is their job, isn’t it, and it’s what they’re being paid for, right?

Awards may just be pieces of paper, but they are the only tangible thanks some people receive for lifetimes of dedication and hard work. As such, they are deeply appreciated by the recipients and richly deserved.

The employees of this year’s recipient, North American Video (NAV), were singled out repeatedly by president Cynthia Freschi as being the reason for the company’s win and its greatest strength.

“Without their extra efforts, we wouldn’t have been able to make it as far as we have,” Freschi admits. “They’re a group of fantastic people, and they’re dedicated, and they’re irreplaceable.”

The systems integrators who competed in this year’s awards program are similarly fantastic and dedicated. They are some of the best in the country. It was hard for the judges to select just one to honor this year – many were judged to be exemplary. But although many apply, only one is chosen annually, and it is hoped that each company that applied this year will do so again next year along with many other integrators.

Each year, the number of entries in SDM’s Integrator of the Year awards program increases. Your company could find itself on the cover of SDM at this time next year. Shouldn’t you take the time now to begin collecting your best recommendation letters, sales materials, news clippings and other information, so next year you will be prepared to fill out the entry form and send it to us?

Watch SDM’s Web site www.sdmmag.com, the magazine and E-Weekly newsletter for information about applying to be next year’s SDM Systems Integrator of the Year. Information should begin appearing in the late summer.

In the meantime, resolve to make this year exemplary in sales, management, personnel, marketing and projects. When you feel you are ready, if you have an accomplishment to celebrate, make that the year you apply. But even if no event occurs this year that would single your company out, apply anyway, citing your company’s record of consistent accomplishment year-after-year.

Once again, SDM extends its sincere congratulations to all the employees of North American Video, and hopes readers find the article about their company, both interesting and informative.


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