Systems integrators are among the most progressive members of the security industry, and they have demonstrated impressive gains in 2005 over 2004 as indicated bySDM’s 11th Annual Top Systems Integrators Report.

The increase of 23 percent in the combined gross revenue of those participating in this year’s Top Systems Integrators Report is nearly double that of the gross revenue total of the top systems integrators who responded last year. (See Page 46 of this issue for more on the report).

This increase is nearly six times that of this year’sSDM100 security dealers, whose increase in 2004 was more than quadruple the increase of 2003 (SDM, May 2006, p. 58).

These integrators are the ones getting ready for IT or who got their start in it. They are eager for plug-and-play products, open architecture systems and are willing to sell and install whatever products their customers tell them they need. Some even are willing to become software and equipment installation specialists and leave hardware and product procurement to their customers.

These are some of the impressions I have received by speaking with integrators throughout the year, at trade shows and in interviews for an article titled “Integration: The Integrators’ Perspective,” which was last month’s cover story (SDM, June 2006, p. 56).

The positive business effects of this flexibility about systems and their design is paying off big-time for integrators who stay on the cutting, not bleeding, edge and who thoroughly test and investigate new systems before recommending them to customers.

For example, four companies reported triple-digit sales increases, although some of these sizable increases were aided by acquisitions. Other companies reported substantial increases from 60 percent to 90 percent.

Companies just making the cut into the top systems integrator report have aggressive revenue expectations for 2006, such as IK Systems Inc., Victor, N.Y., which is ranked 98th this year but expects a 75 percent to 100 percent increase. Another integrator new to the report that ranked 97th this year expects 30 percent growth.

Overall,SDM’s 11th Annual Top Systems Integrators Report indicates encouraging growth for this segment of the industry this year and beyond.

On another program affecting integrators,SDMencourages all systems integrators to consider enteringSDM’s Systems Integrator of the Year award program. This is a chance for systems integrators to compete among the finest businesses in the security integration industry regardless of their size or market niche.

The program is open to all companies in the systems integration industry who meet the criteria. You may nominate either your own firm or another systems integrator. For detail on selection criteria and to fill out a nomination form, see Page 99 of this issue.


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