The Bus-Cam Digital 5000 single-channel mobile digital video recorder can be used in any vehicle. Operating at less than 9 watts, the 3.5-lb. unit is protected against voltage transients, power disturbances, vibration, shock, dust and moisture. GPS, speed, signal indicators, date, time, route identification and incident button are a few options available with this system. The unit records video and audio on a 2.5-in. notebook hard drive using MPEG-4 compression. It begins recording automatically when the ignition is switched on or on schedule, although a switch can be used to start it manually. The unit turns itself off after a programmed delay when the ignition is off. Playback is accomplished with a monitor connected to the unit and a wireless remote controller, or the hard disk cartridge can be removed and played back or archived on a PC using the disk viewer software. It also has a heater option.Robotics Technologies

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