The VisioWave Intelligent Video Platform (IVP), which was acquired by GE in June of 2005 and has been deployed throughout Europe for several years, is now available in the Americas. Visiowave IVP handles large and complex applications, including more than 10,000 cameras on a single system with streaming and storage at different data rates. The platform presently provides video surveillance for Paris’ subway system, video surveillance for the Denver Art Museum, urban surveillance for multiple cities in France, including Nice and Lyon, and surveillance for the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed train. VisioWave uses a modular, building block approach to video capture that is decentralized. Operators can add additional ports at a reduced cost and this allows for local storage of video, centralized storage or both as may be desired. VisioWave operates with standard off-the-shelf products so no proprietary computer equipment is required to run the software.GE Security

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