Whether it’s monitoring dockyards, military compounds, airports, public transit, construction sites, hotels, convention centers, theme parks, or residential areas,Eptascapeproducts can help. “It can be applied in so many different ways,” said Christian McMillan, vice president of business development, who has even used the system near his home.

Eptascape, Mountain View, Calif., was founded in April 2005 and launched its first product, the ADS-100, at ISC West 2006. The ADS-100 is a video encoder for automatic events detection that uses analog CCTV cameras and notifies events to video switchers. The system was designed to be plug and play, and used in a company’s existing CCTV location. “It literally plugs into any existing CCTV. You don’t need to go out and unplug all of your existing CCTV installations,” McMillan said.

Eptascape’s MPEG-7 technology moves the surveillance industry from pixel-based video to content-based video where objects, events and anomalies are extracted from any scene, so security monitoring can be focused on salient events rather than across a scene. Automating video surveillance eliminates tasks like assessing activity on multiple monitors, browsing video and applying only human judgment. Security is raised both by minimizing human bias and focusing attention precisely on suspicious events. The ADS-100 adapts to any analog camera to enable it to provide scene analysis in real time and record suspicious events, such as trespassing, tailgating, abandoned object, removed object, direction flow, loitering, or crowd formation. Eptascape technology is infinitely scaleable, allowing multiple events with multiple schedules to operate on a single camera or across a network of multifarious cameras.

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