Though the name changed from Pulnix to Takex in August 2003, the name is the only thing that has changed.

“Many people believe that the brand was completely sold or we were purchased,” said Gary Buth, director of technical sales, security sensor division at Takex. “There was no change in ownership or manufacturing. The legacy is still there.”

Takex America Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif., manufactures and distributes passive infrared sensors, active infrared beams, closed-circuit television equipment and alarm products, and industrial photo sensors.

“We actually test every single complete product before it leaves,” Buth said. Therefore, the company has a 0.001 percent return rate across the board for their products, it claims.

But quality comes at a price, so Takex products generally cost a little more than other competitive manufacturers, Buth said. “The company philosophy is to go after the upper-end dealers,” Buth said. “Our prime focus is to go after people who uphold quality in installations.”

Takex is holding its first nationwide promotion to emphasize the quality of their products. The company will be giving away four electric guitars in 2006.

“In the marketplace, we feel our sensors won’t leave you singing the blues,” Buth said. Details are available on the Takex Web site.

For more information on Takex America Inc. (part of the Takenaka Sensor Group based in Kyoto, Japan), call (877) 371-2727 or visit

False alarms create problems for everyone, but RSIalarm, Minneapolis, Minn., manufacturer of wireless video verification alarm systems, aims to change that. “False alarms pitted the alarm industry against everybody,” said Keith Jentoft, vice president and general manager of RSIalarm. “We bring peace.” Instead of choosing between wasted resources or non-dispatch, RSI’s system aims for faster dispatch.

“When I was approached about RSIalarm about a year ago, it sounded too good to be true,” said Jentoft, who has spent the last 20 years introducing European technologies into North America. European engineers formed the international company, with a European office in Strasbourg, France.

Videofied Intrusion Alarm is an alarm system incorporating wireless and video technology and integrating it into existing central station software. With the RSI system, alarm companies can see what triggered an alarm and then determine if the police are needed.

RSIalarm began shipping products in France in 2002, and established a subsidiary in Minnesota in 2005. The company has been selling its systems in the U.S. to the military and is currently expanding into Africa and Latin America.

For more information on RSIalarm, call (763) 784-0200 ext. 101, e-mail or visit