Security Networks, West Palm Beach, Fla., wants “a few good dealers” to expand their business, which is growing through acquisitions and their authorized affiliate program. In business since 2000, the company started pursuing acquisitions in 2004, first in Charlotte, then Philadelphia, Orlando and Chicago. They have also completed many smaller acquisitions.

“Our main focus right now is a dealer program,” said Gary Franklyn, vice president of business development. “The acquisitions sort of just fall in our lap. We’re heavily recruiting dealers to come on board as authorized affiliate programs.”

Security Networks will purchase any rate that dealer wants to offer the customer, and won’t infringe on a dealer’s territory. “We don’t compete with the dealers by selling direct,” Franklyn said. “What we’re looking for is a few good dealers in each market. We can help the dealers grow in that market.”

If a dealer wants to get a presence on the Web, Security Networks also offers a complete Web design, logo service, domain name and Web site.

“We’re trying to pay a higher multiple because we don’t have the name like some of the other big guys,” Franklyn said. The company also offers revenue sharing, no holdback, and no corporate competition.

Dealers sell and install Security Networks-approved products and then Security Networks takes over the service. The company also pays additional multiples for additional services, such as cellular backup, said Franklyn.

Security Networks is looking for dealers in all major markets in the U.S. The company currently has about 35,000 retail accounts and 35,000 wholesale accounts.

“We view our relationship with the affiliate as a partnership. We’re just looking for ways we can help dealers make additional income, and at the same time, we can make money too,” Franklyn said.

For more information on Security Networks, call (561) 697-9997, e-mailgfranklyn@securitynetworks.netor