Dealers, just say ‘no’ to bad service. That’s the message from IC Realtime, a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based company that sells service just as much as security products. Some dealers are left floundering when they have a problem with equipment, and IC Realtime wants to prevent this. “We go out of our way with every dealer that we set up,” said Matt Sailor, president of the company.

IC Realtime specializes in high-end digital video recorders, but also stocks a wide array of security products. IC Realtime’s DVR line has 4 TB of internal storage, and the multi-view platform allows multiple IP addresses to be viewed from one central monitoring station.

Every time they set up a dealer, the company offers a two to three hour conference call with the salespeople. Next is a follow-up technical call answering commonly asked questions. The company also offers two-day, on-site training every month for dealers, teaching them to sell, install and service the product before they get a question from the customer.

IC Realtime started with seven people and has grown to more than 300 dealers, and is actively recruiting more.

The company also is looking for real estate on the West coast, and plans to open a West coast branch in early 2007.

Sailor has an extensive background in the security industry and understands the dealer’s needs. One of his partners, Robert Odierna, is a 20-year alarm industry veteran and the other has a vast technical background in manufacturing DVRs. “The three of us all bring a different perspective to the table,” Sailor said.

“No one really goes on the principle of ‘sell service,’” he said. However, dealers usually leave from the lack of support, not product. “Usually it’s not the product itself or the price point, it’s the backing behind the product.”

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