Working as a journalist in 2008 is an entirely different job than it was 10 years, or even two years ago. There are so many new, different ways that content is “published” and each requires a different approach or mindset. For example, you probably would spend more time reading a magazine article than an article posted online, which means that online articles need to be concise and pointed. The content of a Webinar needs to be very straightforward, whereas a seminar can be more casual, if the speaker desires.

Teachers have known for years that there are many different ways people learn – and now publishers know it, too, thanks to a new age in media. It’sSDM’s commitment to our subscribers to bring you a variety of content in a variety of ways. Beyond our roots in magazine publishing, which reach back to 1971, we also publish exclusive content online atwww.sdmmag.comand in two e-mailed newsletters:SDME-News and Today’s Systems Integrator.

But there are some additional things you may not know that we publish or host — and because they’re coming up this spring and early summer, we want to make sure you know about them.

For the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) International,SDM’s publisher, BNP Media, produces the bi-monthly publicationThe High-Tech News. This publication reaches more than 41,000 technicians worldwide, who work in industries such as electronics, fiber, computer, satellite, avionics and more. These individuals are employed in service centers, global corporations, educational institutions and state/federal and military electronics specialties. ETA members rely onThe High-Tech Newsfor information about the changing electronics industry: specialty techniques and technology, trends, qualification opportunities, and educational advice. Use this link to connect to the January/February 2008 edition ofThe High-Tech

We are honored to host the third annualSDM 100 Gala, a social event for recognizing the executives from the largest security companies in the industry, as ranked by their recurring monthly revenue on theSDM100. TheSDM100 Gala will be held at the Nashville Renaissance Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday evening, June 25, 2008. The gala is being held in conjunction with the first-ever Electronic Security Expo (ESX). For more information,

Security Xchangeis one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. Presented bySDMand its sister publication,SECURITY, this unique event brings together integrators and manufacturers in an intimate setting, for executive-level, day-long meetings set at 30 minutes each. According to attendee Rob Hile, vice president of business development at Adesta LLC, “This event is very unique, because this is the only one that I have ever been to where the whole focus is: ‘What do I want? Do you have it? Come and show me; if you have it we’re going to do business.’” If you’re an integrator that wants to bring your business to a higher level in terms of your relationships with your suppliers, you should consider attending. This year Security Xchange is scheduled to take place from June 22 to 25 at The Lodges at Deer Valley, in Park City, Utah. For more information,

Finally,Webinars! Stay tuned towww.sdmmag.comfor information on upcoming Webinars. On March 4, I will be moderating my first Webinar as Video IQ presents “10 Tips for Success in Selling Video Analytics,” hosted by Video IQ’s Doug Marman. Please visithttp://webinar.sdmmag.comto register for this free event.

As an editor, I’m enjoying all of the ways that publishers are expanding. I hope that our readers will find our online content and events to be not only useful, but must-have business information.