As a customer-focused media company, we at BNP Media, publishers ofSDM, are committed to delivering information in ways that will make your job easier and more efficient. You can thrive by strategically managing how and when you receive information.

1. Go Online for Training and Certification.

Online training has come of age and keeps getting better. Today, high-speed connections, in-house projection, enhanced software, improved two-way communication, and experienced providers make Web-based training an engaging experience. For example, most Webinars allow you to submit questions and answer them during a Q&A period. If you want to qualify for CEU’s, you might need to take a short quiz, but many Webinars provide a link, allowing you to print a course completion certificate.

Challenge your staff to use Webcasts instead of costly travel and you’ll improve your bottom line.

2. Find Information with Lightning Speed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a geeky way of saying “fast answers.” If you are even a bit Web-savvy, you’ve Googled something. But Google can be overwhelming when you pull up 101,234 results.

A better option is vertical search, using the search functions of industry-specific Web sites. Niched sites are more targeted and eliminate fluff. Some, like BNP Media’s sites — which includeSDMandSecurityMagazines — license Google technology for speed, but limit the search to a highly defined universe of data.

Visit the top Web sites in your field and bookmark those providing the best search results. You’ll save a lot of time.

3. Locate Products Quickly with Online Directories.

Finding products poses a problem when you need specific items to complete a project. Online directories are a great solution. Most allow you to enter a company name, product category, or a brand and then provide a defined list.

Keep SDM’s Buyers Guide handy, but visit for more updated information.

4. Read Breaking News.

Whether you’re a leader in your company or headed up the ladder, staying informed has never been easier.

E-newsletters. Electronic newsletters offer a big advantage because they come to you. Focus on those that provide useful industry information. SDM e-News is delivered twice-monthly and features original reporting based on exclusive interviews, as well as stories posted through our Daily News service.

Avoid news overload. Focus on Web sites, e-news and RSS feeds that best meet your needs and unsubscribe to the rest. Visit SDM’s blog at

5. Study In-depth Content for Personal Development and Strategic Planning.

While the Web is fantastic for immediacy, it is equally strong in providing content that will help you obtain comprehensive knowledge, perspective, and leadership skills.

  • Archived articles on industry Web sites allow concentrated study of a topic analysis of experts’ opinions.

  • White papers offer analysis on technologies and procedures, often with statistics and projections.

  • Exclusive research, such as SDM’s Industry Forecast Study, can help provide insight for strategic planning.
Search Web sites for meaty data and expertise. If required, register to gain access to highly valuable information that others may miss.