In July of 2010, Vector Security made a corporate commitment to sponsoring Project Home Again. Four months later, their commitment has helped bring six children home, whose posters were displayed on Vector Security vans.

The program seeks to return missing and kidnapped children to their parents through the use of a public awareness campaign. The campaign involves the displaying of posters, depicting the likeness and personal information of missing and kidnapped children, on service vehicles used by participating companies.

Vector Security’s involvement includes its fleet of nearly 300 service vans and uniformed guard and patrol vehicles, which travel through the Mid-Atlantic states, Ohio, Florida and California. According to Sally Cox, Vector Security’s director of purchasing and fleet manager, the idea came about after hearing about the program from television coverage in the Philadelphia market. “Vector Security has supported the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children through several programs connected with our National Accounts division. Our new participation in Project Home Again will help drive our commitment to the NCMEC throughout our branch office service network.”

During the first week of November, 2010, two Ohio children were returned home safely. These recoveries were followed closely by a child in Jacksonville Fla., and one in Pennsylvania. The children’s posters were displayed on Vector Security vans in the respective states.

In Columbia Md., relatives of a child featured on one of Vector’s vans stopped the driver and personally thanked him for Vector’s role in creating more public awareness for the plight of missing children.

According to Pamela J Petrow, president and CEO of Vector Security, this encouraging news lends credence to a project which was championed by John A. Murphy, Vector Security’s former president and CEO, who passed away last month. “John stressed that Vector’s support of Project Home Again tied directly into his core corporate values.” Murphy had once said, “We’re in the business of protecting the things our customers cherish the most and that certainly begins with children. Given our continuing dedication to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, this opportunity allows us to root this valuable organization further within our large and expanding branch office network. If we can help only one child make it back home, or bring his or her plight directly to the attention of the general public, it will all be worth it.”

Petrow continued by remarking that, “John would be overjoyed by the news that one of his favorite public advocacy programs has worked so well to help preserve the lives and hopefully the futures of these children.”