A tornado, estimated to be 1.3 miles wide by the National Weather Service, struck Moore, Oklahoma, May 20, 2013.

The estimated peak wind ranged from 200 to 210 mph -- which would make it an EF5, the most powerful category of tornadoes possible -- according to the agency. About 2,400 homes were damaged in the Oklahoma cities of Moore and Oklahoma City, and some 10,000 people were directly impacted by the tornado.

Pat Eagan, president of Select Security, and member of the Response Team of America board, wrote the following letter asking for the industry’s support in helping with the Oklahoma recovery efforts.


 “As you all are aware of there was a massive tornado that tore through Moore, Oklahoma on Monday.  The Response Team of America are currently onsite and assisting with the cleanup efforts. We are looking to support them in their efforts and they are in need of donations for fuel, hotels and food.

I currently serve on the Response Team of America's board and my company, Select Security, has provided warehouse and storage space for them for the last two years. Some of you may remember that they received the community service award at the 2011 First Alert Professional Annual meeting.

Tad Agoglia, founder of the First Response Team of America, tweeted his thoughts upon arriving at the scene.

"We can't see the news, but from what we can tell the destruction just goes on and on. How did this happen in a few short minutes?"

Here is their mission, as described by the team on their website:

"The First Response Team arrives, bringing new light to communities in their darkest hours. We fill the gap between the onset of a disaster and the arrival of traditional relief agencies, when too many communities must fend for themselves because the resources necessary for rescue and recovery‚ equipment, tools and personnel‚ are damaged, inaccessible or unavailable."

"Our goal is to arrive in the crucial moments following the catastrophe, and our mission is to reduce the time it takes for help to reach those in need‚ so we can join local first responders in saving lives and restoring hope."

Please help us support the First Response Team of America, you may do so by donating using the following link:


I’m thanking you in advance for your support.

Pat Eagan