GrandCare Systems has developed a service that allows extended family and multiple caregivers to stay in touch by sending pictures, reminders, e-mails, instant messages and news/weather updates directly to an elderly person’s television screen. Various smart sensors placed around the home can assure family members that their loved one is comfortable, happy and truly independent at home. A slim computer box is installed in the home of the aging individual. This box connects to any television set like a VCR and communicates wirelessly with several sensors placed strategically around the senior’s home. The caregiver can log onto the GrandCare Web site from anywhere in the world and check the motion, temperature, door opening and call button activity in the loved one’s home. They also can set up rules for GrandCare Systems to alert them by phone, pager or e-mail if an irregularity arises or if a GC call button is activated. GrandCare Systems

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