Alarm software

Cornerstone Billing Solutions released version 30 of its Alarm software, an enhanced, feature-rich version of the company’s specialized alarm industry software. The Alarm software, a powerful, real-time, online account management system, helps the staff of an alarm company efficiently manage high-priority work such as customer service, sales, field service, installations and collections. The software, which normally would cost thousands of dollars, is included with Cornerstone’s billing services and because the Alarm software is online, dealers do not have to worry about upgrades or compatibility issues. “We’ve made dozens of improvements and we are continuing to enhance our Alarm software as part of our commitment to providing security dealers nationwide a user-friendly platform that helps them manage their accounts more efficiently, partly by making their billing faster and easier,” said Cornerstone’s Scott MacDougal. For example, the new version allows dealers to e-mail a copy of the paid invoice to autopay customers who pay by either credit card or debit. In addition, Alarm now has the ability to e-mail an Excel-compatible version of key reports.

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