Telular Corporation, Booth 16109— Telular announced the availability of its Telguard Interactive smart phone app on its entire line of residential communicators, including the TG-1 Express, the TG-1B, and the TG-4 in primary mode. This line expansion exemplifies the Telguard Advantage Program's (TAP) commitment to helping dealers meet the needs of today's rapidly growing wireless security market.

Available for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms, the app allows homeowners to remotely arm and disarm their system, receive notifications of any alarm status change, view arming and alerting history, and securely share access to their system. The combination of Telguard Interactive and Telguard cellular communicators enable dealers to easily increase RMR on new installations, as well as retrofits and upgrades, without the expense of replacing their current alarm panels.

"As customers continue to cut their landlines and turn to cellular technologies, the incorporation of Telguard Interactive across its entire residential line increases our RMR opportunities, while providing our customers the convenience of controlling their security system on-the-go," said James Ward, owner, COP Security, Inc. "As a result of the initial launch of Telguard Interactive with the TG-1 Express, I'm currently doubling my RMR from new and existing customers by installing the app to control their alarm system with the convenience of their smart phone."

Requiring minimal programming, Telguard Interactive leverages the basic features built into almost all security panels — the key-switch zone, output triggers and opening and closing reports — for a quick and easy installation and registration.

"Building on our legacy of developing superior quality security products and services, our patented approach to Telguard Interactive creates a new level of convenience to home security monitoring, as well as new opportunities for dealers to grow their business," says Shawn Welsh, Telular's vice president of marketing and business development. "Our decision to expand Interactive into Telguard's entire residential suite is a result of its widespread acceptance and our commitment to providing dealers with a versatile line of products."

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