wireless alarm radio communicator

AES Corp. launched a residential-oriented wireless alarm radio communicator, the AES 7650 Freedom Series. The 7650 Freedom Series is a two-way, long-range mesh radio alarm transceiver that uses AES-IntelliNet Mesh Radio technology, creating a self-managing, self-adapting radio network, owned and operated by alarm system dealers and contract central monitoring services. The initial 7650 Freedom Series product release consists of the 7650-EP, which is a full-data radio alarm subscriber with four programmable zones; and the 7650-PLIM Module, which is a phone line interface module for the 7650-EP in applications requiring a backup telephone line. The 7650-EP unit is contained in a fire-retardant box with visible status and set-up LEDs to be viewed. Focusing on the residential/small commercial, intrusion/fire alarm market, the 7650 Freedom Series augments the commercial/industrial AES-IntelliNet 7058E and 7350 series subscriber units.

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