The SK-910RBQ is a one-channel receiver and the SK-910RB2Q is a two-channel receiver. Both have five programmable relay output modes: 4- sec. timed output, validity output, toggle output, 1-sec. timed output, and latch output. Output modes are easily programmed via buttons on the PC board — there is no need to cut loops. For the SK-910RB2Q, each channel can be programmed to a different relay output mode. When used with an RF transmitter, these receivers can be used to control garage doors, gates, house lights, alarm panels and other devices. All SECO-LARM transmitters (both fixed code and CODEBUMP™) will work with these receivers. Each receiver operates up to 500 ft., has an operating voltage of 11~24 VAC/VDC, and has two LEDs to indicate programming status.

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