SECO-LARM’S SK-910RA series of miniature low-voltage RF receivers measure 3-3/16 in. by 2-9/16 in. by 3/4 in. and require voltage of 11-24VAC/VDC for the SK-910RA and 3-13.8VDC for the SK-910RAV and SK-910RAV2. All the units have LEDs to show RF reception and program status. They also have mode switches for transmitter learning. The SK-910RA has a standard Form C (Common / N.C. / N.O.) 1A relay output. The SK-910RAV has a single 5A transistor ground output, and the SK-910RAV2 has dual 3A transistor ground outputs. The outputs are programmable for four-second momentary (default), one-second momentary, toggle (on/off), or continuous. The receivers are compatible with all of SECO-LARM’s 315MHz transmitters.SECO-LARM

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