TiaLinx Inc., Newport Beach, Calif., a developer of remotely controlled object detection radars, has launched the OWL1-A. It features an ultra sensitive radio frequency beam that is capable of detecting the slightest motion, such as the breathing of a person confined in a container. 

The lightweight handheld sensor system with remote display screen provides an ultra-wideband (UWB) radio frequency beam that can detect a variety of live objects concealed inside of a container. OWL1-A can provide images of activity detected at various locations within the container from live objects.

The system is ideal for rapid screening of cargo containers deployed on land transportation vehicles, airplanes and sea vessels. Through a software-controlled interface, which is integrated into a laptop and deployed remotely, the OWL1-A also can be integrated with cranes that load and unload cargo containers. This would allow for rapid screening of hiding individuals automatically and remove the need for X-ray screening systems.

The GHz RF scanner transmits wideband signals that are highly directional and are reflected from the human body. The received signals over the wide spectrum are captured and processed in an integrated digital signal processor.

“OWL1-A’s introduction is another breakthrough in miniaturization of advanced UWB RF sensors pioneered by TiaLinx for the last four years. A large number of TiaLinx’s patents have been used to develop the OWL1-A detector and its imaging unit. Further product evolution for extended applications of this technology, such as low-cost advanced screening, will be the strategic focus of TiaLinx globally,” commented Dr. Fred Mohamadi, founder and CEO of TiaLinx.

For information, visit www.TiaLinx.com.