Where’s the Tech?

We’ve all been there, the technician’s 24 hr. arrival window comes and goes, we’ve lost precious hours, sometimes days, and the cable — or security system — still doesn’t work. Protection 1 is revolutionizing its business by focusing not on world-shattering products, but rather myth-shattering service employing technology. Tech Tracker is a new application through which the company offers e-mail alerts to customers that notifies them when their service technician is on the way, as well as his credentials and photo.



Calculator App for Image Resolution

Theia Technologies’ Image Resolution Calculator App is now available tor the iPhone as well as Android. The app allows users to input video surveillance parameters and provides the corresponding image resolution from the convenience of a mobile device on location. Users input the camera resolution, sensor size, lens choice and one of three variables — camera distance, resolution, or field of view needed. The tool then calculates image resolution and returns a representative image at that resolution to help the user understand what level of detail can be seen using his combination of variables.

The app’ is available on the Android marketplace and or on iTunes. Visit www.TheiaTech.com/calculator.html.



Do Your Customers Know the Enemy?

Texana Security is taking steps to educate its customers on just who they’re trying to keep out. The company has posted a list of 13 (and an additional eight) things “your burglar won’t tell you,” from “Burglars On The Job” by Scott Decker and Richard Wright. The list takes a humorous approach to giving end users some insight into the diverse and sometimes surprising forms a burglar can take and the importance of supplementing a dependable security system with a deeper awareness of seemingly harmless visitors, the indicators of wealth burglars pick up on, and how they know no one’s home.



App Provides Dealers Real-Time Project Layouts & Quotes

OPTEX Inc. introduced ‘MyOptex’, a project layout application for the iPad. ‘MyOptex’ allows users to take their services outside of the office and onto the job site, reducing the usual turnaround time for a custom layout. With a simple interactive menu that includes all of Optex’s outdoor photobeams and passive infrared detectors, users can drag and drop to-scale detection patterns onto a satellite image of the job site. The resulting layout can be emailed and printed out along with an invoiced product list and quote.<