Brickcom Corporation, Hukou, Hsinchu, Taiwan, combines its know-how of broadband wireless networking, optical image processing, and networking surveillance into a one-stop-shop solution, the BrickOne Solution®, for all the equipment needed to build a complete IP surveillance system. BrickOne Solution® is cameras plus network video equipment plus a video management system.

Brickcom IP cameras provide a stand-alone security system. With H.264 video compression, IVA features, built-in SD storage, and Power over Ethernet, they are remotely accessible by Web browser and 3G-accessible mobile devices. Brickcom can provide a surveillance solution for any application, from building to residence surveillance. By offering the BrickOne Solution®, Brickcom strives to break down the barriers to IP surveillance and provide its customers with the best solution for their security needs.

Brickcom aims to provide user-friendly design. For instance, the WPS button is one of the creative design and convenient functions of Brickcom IP cameras. According to the company, it makes the complicated Wi-Fi setting to AP/Router easy to troubleshoot and offers users the ability to easily connect to the Internet. The WPS function can simply build up the wireless connection and encryption when the WPS button is pressed on both the router and the camera. In four easy steps, you can be viewing live video feed. 1) Install cameras and network devices with the WPS “plug and play” function. 2) Install the Brickcom EasyConfig program with your CD-ROM and search for your cameras without configuring any IP settings. 3) Follow the EasyConfig software to configure the camera’s IP address and EasyLink™ functions. 4) Click to view the live video feed of the connected camera. In addition, Brickcom IP cameras support a SD/SDHC memory card slot, which allows backup local storage if the data connection is lost.

Brickcom IP cameras can transmit the video to portable devices via the latest technology. Users can view live images anywhere by Internet browsers or 3G accessible portable devices

Solutions Focused

In addition to all the equipment necessary for an IP surveillance system, the BrickOne Solution® goes even further in offering installment solutions that add to the lower total ownership costs. To handle existing building structures, Brickcom developed “mixed wiring” solutions for different applications. For instance, Brickcom offers Home Plug over Power Line for implementing cameras in elevators. For older residences, Brickcom provides Home Plug over Telephone Line instead of rewiring Ethernet. Brickcom also developed Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) by the use of coaxial cable transmission. According to the company, under existing environment and infrastructure, BrickOne Solution® decreases the difficulty and cost of installation.

Brickcom believes that respect to society and the environment is the way to allow people to continue to enjoy the benefits of technology while sustaining the environment for the following generations. This is why all of the company’s equipment and products are recyclable and all production is compliant to WEEE and RoHS. The company holds multiple certifications, including: ISO 9001:2000; ISO 14001; TUV OHAS18001; QC 080000; WEEE; RoHS; and TL 9000.

Brickcom’s entire line of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, video server, and 64-channel PC-based NVR can also be integrated with products that comply with ONVIF standards. Also, Brickcom recently announced the complete integration of a wide range of its IP camera series with Milestone XProtect®™ open platform IP video management software.

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NTC Updates Red & Orange Books for 2011

National Training Center (NTC) announced that the NTC Red Book: Fire Alarm Certification Guide and the NTC Orange Book: Chuck Notes have both been updated for 2011.

Vice president of NTC and co-author, Bryan McLane explained, “We take pride in the fact that NTC books are the leading reference materials in the industry. We are continually updating our reference books as the industry standards change, offering the most current information available in the low voltage arena. As most know, NICET recently implemented a computer-based testing system that is very different from the previous work-element based testing. It was imperative that we re-write the NTC Red Book: Fire Alarm Certification Guide and the NTC Orange Book: Chuck Notes, as these books are two important books to have on hand when preparing for the NICET exam. We are very pleased with the results and have received excellent feedback from our customers. It is apparent that while the NTC Red & Orange books are essential study tools for the NICET exam, these books are often referred to as “the industry Bibles” and are used on the job by industry professionals.”

About the NTC Red Book: Fire Alarm Certification Guide

NTC’s Red Book contains critical information for all NICET Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 task areas. NICET recommends more than 40 codes and references for the test. With the NTC Red Book, you will not have to read all of the codes and references; the NTC Red Book streamlines this study process for you, NTC noted. All the critical information for every task area is presented in a straight forward and easy to read format.

About the NTC Orange Book: Chuck Notes

Chuck Notes is well known in the industry as the most important fire alarm systems reference for code requirements, NTC said. Chuck Notes is easy to use and assists you in finding requirements quickly. This book is based on code requirements for fire alarm systems and includes life safety requirements and electrical requirements. The requirements for fire alarm systems are clearly laid out and organized.

For information or to order a copy of the NTC Red & Orange Book visit or call 702-648-8899.

Scansource Security to Distribute Lifesafety Power

ScanSource® Security, Greenville, S.C., a business unit of ScanSource Inc., and a distributor of physical security solutions, signed a distribution agreement with LifeSafety Power, Windham, N.H., a provider of power systems to the security market.

Through this relationship, ScanSource Security dealers have access to power supply systems created specifically for the security industry and featuring a unique modular design. This family of products, called FlexPower, allows for a number of system configurations, including single-, dual- or multi-voltage outputs. The products were developed to provide reliability and shorter install time, while remaining cost effective.

“Having reliable power systems in place is critical for security solutions that can’t afford downtime. And as LifeSafety Power’s only national value-added distributor, we are pleased to provide their FlexPower products to our dealers so that they can ensure their end-user customers’ security solutions remain up and running,” said Paul Constantine, vice president of merchandising, ScanSource Security.

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Networked Security Platform Integrated With Megapixel Camera Manufacturer

Next Level Security Systems, a developer of unified, networked security solutions, announced that the NLSS Gateway successfully passed integration testing at the MegaLab™ by Arecont Vision. The NLSS Gateway is now verified to integrate with Arecont Vision megapixel cameras supported in the dedicated IP video testing facility. The integration matrix on the MegaLab website includes a complete list of Arecont Vision features supported by the NLSS Gateway.

The NLSS Gateway is a unified, networked security platform that integrates video management software, IP access control, video analytics and intrusion into a single platform. This approach allows data from these traditionally separate subsystems to be correlated without custom integration, while combined data is available to operators through a single user interface.

The MegaLab, located at Arecont Vision’s headquarters in Los Angeles, is part of Arecont Vision’s Technology Partner Program, which was designed to further support partnerships between Arecont Vision, and VMS and software platform providers through tighter integration, sales collaboration and joint marketing.

Basler’s Lens Accessory Choice Offers Wider Coverage, Less Distortion

Basler Inc., Exton, Pa., added Theia Technologies’ two new five megapixel lenses as accessories for use with its IP camera product line with its price list update of April 2011.

With the introduction of the Basler five-megapixel IP camera model (BIP2-2500c/-dn), Basler evaluated new lenses to take advantage of the full sensor size and selected the newest megapixel offering from Theia, Wilsonville, Ore., the SL940A telephoto lens, to use the full five-megapixel resolution to deliver excellent image quality. The five megapixel, IR-corrected, CS mount lens has a focal length of 9 to 40 mm, and is designed to let the user take full advantage of the high resolution provided by multi-megapixel cameras such as the BIP2-2500c/-dn model.

In addition, Basler selected the new SL183 1.8 – 3mm, five megapixel, IR corrected lens with Theia’s patented Linear Optical Technology® to provide up to 115 degrees undistorted horizontal field of view (HFOV), providing the opportunity to cover more area with a single camera.

Both new lenses offer true megapixel resolution and IR correction in a compact envelope of 50mm long. For information, visit

Pelco Announces Partner Advantage Program

Pelco, Clovis, Calif., by Schneider Electric announced a new reward program aimed at delivering industry-leading discounts, rebates, training and support to its partners. Pelco representatives said the program was created to help customers in the United States and Canada build their business and increase their profits.

“We recognize that our success relies heavily on our ability to deliver value to our customers and we are 100 percent committed to their success,” explained Cliff Holtz, senior vice president of North America sales.

Partner Advantage is structured to align partners into one of four tiers (platinum, gold, silver and registered) based on specific criteria. Everyone saves with the Partner Advantage program since discounts are available at every tier. Partners have access to special deals, rebates, priority sales leads, the latest product information, reserved training opportunities, and much more.

Customers can register for the program by visiting

First Authorized Test Center Announced for HDcctv Compliance Testing In North America

Speco Technologies is the first company in North America to become an Authorized Test Center (ATC) for HDcctv Compliance Testing.

Zin Thu, product engineer at Speco, stated, “The compliance testing process is an integral part of the HDcctv compliance certification program.” By successfully completing the tests, the candidate HD product would have demonstrated compliance to the v1.0 HDcctv compliance certification standard as specified by the HDcctv Alliance.

Todd Rockoff, executive director of the HDcctv Alliance, added, “The HDcctv Alliance congratulates Speco on becoming one of the first ATCs in the world. Extensive equipment and technical skills enable Speco to apply the stringent HDcctv compliance tests, which ensure performance and interoperability of compliant equipment. Speco’s technical leadership in HDcctv is likely to become increasingly important as the standard progresses to successive versions, each offering greater value to end buyers.”

Speco Technologies HDcctv cameras deliver megapixel quality video with exceptional resolution and color reproduction, the company stated. Weatherproof protection heaters, blowers, IR lighting for day/night operation and a variety of mounting options are all available. Speco Technologies HDcctv cameras come in bullets, domes and traditional versions.

For more information about Speco Technologies newest HD DVR and HDcctv cameras go to

Missouri Burglar and Fire Alarm Association Enrolls Apprentices

The Missouri Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (MBFAA) recently enrolled four apprentices into the Fire/Life Safety and Electronic Security Technician Apprenticeship Program. The MBFAA Apprenticeship standards were approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and Training Employer and Labor Services. This apprenticeship program titled “Fire/Life Safety and Electronic Security Technician” is a four-year program that provides for 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and 700 hours of academic study.

Apprentices are provided and sponsored by Missouri Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (MBFAA) member companies.

The MBFAA UTAC, which is made up of five committee members, performs oversight of the apprenticeship program. Its current members are:

President: Kurt Canova, Tech Electronics

Vice president: Bob Scales, Safeguard Alarms

Vice president: Nick Barrack, Central Security and Electric Inc.

Secretary: Brian Modglin, Interface Security Systems

Treasurer: Joe Polizzi, ABF Security

To learn more about the MBFAA Apprenticeship Program, call the MBFAA Apprenticeship Program training director, Leroy Ginther, at 314-951-1738.

Fluidmesh Offers MITO Rockstar Demo Program

Fluidmesh Networks Inc., Boston, a provider of wireless IP backhauling systems, is now offering its new MITO Rockstar Demo Program to dealers and integrators so they can receive a set of Fluidmesh 1100 MITO to see for themselves what the products can do. The Rockstar Demo Program also enables dealers and integrators to get a deep discount on a set of FM1100M-HW and a set of free Unlimited Plug-ins for maximum performances.

The recently released MITO product line is a new series of wireless products based on MIMO technology and specifically designed for IP backhauling applications. The MITO series is comprised of the FM1100 MITO and the FM3100 MITO. Both products are capable of creating point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and mixed architectures and can be used for applications such as video surveillance, enterprise backhauling, VOIP backhauling, SCADA and smart grids.

To qualify for the MITO Rockstar Demo, integrators should:

1. Become a Fluidmesh Silver or Gold Partner (details can be found at

2. Renew their certification by attending the new MITO level 1 training on the e-Learning section of the website.

3. Contact their Fluidmesh representative or office directly with their partner number and ask for the Rockstar Demo Package.

“We’re very proud to introduce the MITO Series to the market. By once again thinking outside of the box, we’re able to introduce a revolutionary product that we expect to be a game changer in the wireless IP backhauling world,” said Cosimo Malesci, co-founder and vice president, channel sales and marketing of Fluidmesh.

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Virtual Receiver UL Listed for Central Station Operation

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), Springfield, Mo., announced that its SCS-VR, a virtual software receiver, has met the requirements for Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) 1610 Central Station Burglar Alarm standard. The new certification enables central stations to rely on an alternative to traditional receiver hardware. Adding monitoring capacity is now as easy as installing new software on any UL-listed server, where the SCS-VR can act as the primary receiver or backup to existing hardware receivers. 1610 Central Station Burglar Alarm is in addition to the UL 1076 Proprietary Listing earned in June 2010.

“Software is increasingly replacing hardware in a variety of applications,” said vice president of sales, Mark NeSmith. “Just as most consumers today would buy a compact, reliable MP3 player like an iPod instead of a bulky, mechanical CD changer for their music, central stations are increasingly replacing their receivers with software that can be loaded on existing servers. The SCS-VR is perfectly suited to accommodate the increasing migration away from dialup and POTS towards network and cellular. It provides a better way to receive signals, without the cost and hassle of more hardware.”

The SCS-VR operates as a virtual receiver for standard and encrypted IP alarm communications, managing all network and cellular alarm signals, supervision, and substitution messages at much higher speeds than conventional receivers.

Each server that is part of the system serves as the automatic backup to the other servers, creating redundant paths for reliability and reporting. For information, visit

Reformatted Guidelines Streamline IQ Certification Process

The application process for certification from the Installation Quality (IQ) Certification Program, Erie, Pa., an installation quality certification program for security alarm systems, is easier than ever, following revisions from the IQ board. The original guidelines document, which included all guidelines — was divided into two sets of guidelines, one for installation companies and one for monitoring companies. With this change, the IQ Certification Program guidelines are easier to understand and streamline the application process to apply for certification, the program reported in a press release.

There are no changes in wording to the guidelines. The document for installation companies contains an introduction, code of ethics, company guidelines, user training guidelines, employee training guidelines and equipment guidelines. Obviously, third party central stations do not need installation equipment guidelines.

While the majority of the IQ guidelines deal with installation issues, one of the requisites is that IQ-certified companies must use an IQ-certified monitoring station.

“The monitoring guideline section now is directly focused on what monitoring stations need to do to become certified,” explained Tim Creenan, IQ chairman of the board and owner of Amherst Alarm in Amherst, N.Y. “By being easier to read, I believe this will help more monitoring stations join the IQ program and help them get more business since IQ-certified companies need an IQ-certified monitoring station.”

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HID Global (, Irvine, Calif., a provider of solutions for the delivery of secure identity, announced it expanded its multiCLASS Magnetic Stripe line of readers available on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) FIPS 201 Evaluation Program’s list of approved products to now include non-keypad readers. The listing enables U.S. government organizations to purchase HID Global’s latest physical access reader products as they begin to implement migration programs from legacy magnetic stripe (magstripe) cards to contactless 13.56 MHz FIPS 201 credentials, for both single- and two-factor authentication scenarios. HID Global’s multiCLASS line of multi-technology readers allows an agency’s access control system to function properly during the transition from current card technology to new FIPS 201 card requirements. The multiCLASS readers contain patented features that simplify the conversion to the new standard because they are capable of simultaneously reading legacy cards and the new FIPS 201 cards. In addition to achieving FIPS 201 certification, HID Global also achieved UL294/cUL outdoor certification on all multiCLASS Magnetic Stripe readers. 

IndigoVision (, Edison, N.J., a manufacturer of IP video security solutions, announced the certification of its security management software, SMS 4, by Intransa (, Cupertino, Calif., for its Maximum Flexibility and Maximum Choice product lines. The Intransa Technology Lab partner certification program has tested hundreds of software and hardware products. Each product that demonstrates risk-free integration with the Intransa VideoAppliance family achieves the “certified” level.  IndigoVision’s certified software application is available as a preloaded option with Intransa VideoAppliance for simplified installation.
Cam-Dex Security Corporation (, Kansas City, Kansas, a security integration company in the Midwest, and Metis Secure Solutions LLC (, Pittsburgh, a provider of emergency notification systems, announced a strategic reseller and integration partner agreement. As a result of the agreement Cam-Dex markets, sells, implements and supports the Metis Secure precision emergency notification system. The Metis Secure system is an integrated hardware and software solution that combines command center software, rapid two-way MS-5100 alerting devices and triple-redundant wireless mesh, FM-RBDS, and Ethernet communication networks to ensure security personnel can communicate to anyone or everyone, in seconds not minutes.  The system is in use today at Carnegie Mellon University and Slippery Rock University and is currently being implemented at Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

Intransa (, Cupertino, Calif., the VideoAppliance company, announced the availability of  the vSphere from VMware, Palo Alto, Calif., integrated with Intransa’s video and data management and retention (VDMR) appliance. As a VMware Embedded OEM partner, Intransa delivers VMware vSphere as an integral part of its Intransa VDMR appliance. Physical security customers can now run multiple physical security applications on a single physical server in a robust and efficient virtualized server environment. Intransa also joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program to leverage its training and enablement benefits. The bundled Intransa VDMR Appliance with VMware vSphere leverages the power of virtualization using only one physical server, replacing up to three commodity servers.

Synectic Systems Inc. (, a supplier of integrated surveillance and security systems for specialized vertical markets, and Veracity (, a provider of connectivity, storage and transmission solutions for IP video, announced that Synectics’ Synergy™ video management software is integrated to COLDSTORE, Veracity’s non-RAID, non-JBOD high-volume storage system, to deliver an enterprise-class digital recording and storage solution ideal for high-demand surveillance applications. 

Arecont Vision (, Glendale, Calif., a provider of IP-based megapixel camera technology, announced its partnership with FST21 (, Burlington, Mass., as one of the suppliers of megapixel cameras for SafeRise® installations. The new partnership complements Arecont Vision’s advanced camera surveillance technologies with the combination of facial recognition, voice recognition, pattern of behavior, license plate recognition and visitor management that FST21’s SafeRise offers. The FST21 SafeRise® system utilizes a fusion of second generation biometrics and high-resolution video to provide an identity management system that is unique in that it uses no key, no card and no code. Instead, the face and voice of authorized personnel works like a key.