Kia Georgia Inc. has implemented Patriot One Technologies’ multi-sensor gateway screening technology, designed to detect guns, knives and other prohibited items, on people at large workplaces. This deployment will be part of a larger service that includes the company’s AI-powered platform to further enhance the current guard service for the entire manufacturing facility.

“After evaluating a few options for physical security technology, we selected Patriot One because of its flexibility and innovative approach to weapons detection; it fits in well with what we wanted to achieve in our security operations,” according to members of the Kia Georgia Environmental, Health and Safety department. “Not only will the technology perform in all weather conditions, allowing us to use it outside, we can customize the look of the multi-sensor gateway so that it fits into the welcoming atmosphere at Kia Georgia. This solution provides the flexibility to optimize alerting to how we run our security operations. Additionally, it is visually appealing, blending into the natural aesthetics of our facility, while also being highly effective in detecting weapons.”

Patriot One’s multi-sensor gateway unobtrusively detects guns, knives, and other prohibited items on people using AI sensors, without them having to remove metal items from their pockets upon entry. The company’s AI-powered platform with facility insights creates a holistic view of a facility, so security personnel can proactively respond to potential threats and protect employees. Alerts can be sent to multiple places, including a security operations center, allowing the quickest possible response to a potential threat.

“Kia Georgia’s facilities are state of the art, and they wanted the same for the screening technology solution they chose to deploy,” said Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One. “We’re delivering our system as part of a holistic service. The multi-sensor gateway and our flexible, AI-powered platform with facility insights software will send alerts to Kia Georgia’s security command center, as well as on-duty security officers, so they can respond to threats quickly and proactively. This process aligns closely with the innovative way Kia Georgia runs its security operations.”