When West Point Lincoln & GMC, a local car dealership in Houston, needed to install security solutions for their new location and upgrade obsolete security technology, security systems integrator Danner’s Security proposed a new way of procurement. 

Over the years, Danner’s has traditionally worked with clients by focusing on one-time project-based sales. While this worked well for many customers, Danner’s Director of Sales Guy Savage noticed this approach limited customers in the scope of the work they could invest in due to high up-front costs. So he turned to TAMCO to implement a security-as-a-service offering called Shield that provides customers with predictable monthly payment options. 

Since the car dealership had financial constraints, Savage said this was the perfect installation in which to offer security as a service. This allowed the customer to not only install the necessary technology at their new facility, but to upgrade and scale the obsolete equipment at the existing facility as well. In addition, Shield protects the car dealership against technology sunsets and provides maintenance support for the entire term of the agreement. 

In the end, the dealership installed 38 cameras connected to a 32 TB video server with object detection capabilities and license plate recognition technology. Another set of cameras without object detection capabilities are used to actively monitor the property, and sirens and speaker horns were installed throughout the parking lots to enable the dealership to respond to activity on the property after hours.

“This transaction went from a one-time sale to a multi-location opportunity that allowed us to get the customer everything they needed and more,” Savage said. “We actually doubled the amount of cameras just by proposing a different way to pay. With the as-a-service agreement, the customer is subscribing to the use of and access to the technology instead of having to own it and be handcuffed to it if it becomes obsolete again.”

The Shield option even provides a solution replacement guarantee which allows the dealership to migrate to new technology with no penalty or rollover balances if the solution no longer meets their needs.

"Danner’s had the right mindset to see success with our Shield as-a-service program,” said Michael Laccabue, partner and client sales manager at TAMCO. “Guy understood from the start how much easier it is to sell additional support services and build recurring revenue when it is bundled into a monthly payment instead of a large capital outlay. He was able to not only address and solve the budgetary concerns with a monthly payment, but he then took it a step further by selling on the value of the solution replacement guarantee and bundled maintenance for the entire term."