The SW1900 stopped a 15,000 lb. truck traveling 50 miles per hour with "zero penetration."

Smith & Wesson Security Solutions, a turnkey provider of perimeter security solutions, announced that the company's newly developed SW1900 wedge active vehicle barrier successfully passed third-party certification testing to American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

In an independent third-party crash test conducted on July 18 in College Station, Texas, the SW1900 successfully met the ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1 standard. The SW1900 stopped a 15,000 lb. truck traveling 50 miles per hour with “zero penetration,” meaning the truck bed did not pass the vertical plane of the barrier. Significantly for Smith & Wesson Security Solutions' prospective customers that have concerns that hazardous cargo carried by a threat vehicle may be ejected into their facility following an impact, the truck's payload remained in place during the test. Once the truck's crash-test wreckage was removed, the wedge was immediately cycled multiple times under its own power — requiring no replacement hoses or fittings, and demonstrating no hydraulic leaks or damage to operating components. Test vehicles were driven over the barrier following the conclusion of the test, demonstrating that the SW1900 could withstand an impact and remain functional.

Leveraging the experience gained by installing and maintaining hundreds of wedge type active vehicle barrier systems of various manufacture, Smith & Wesson Security Solutions engineers designed an innovative wedge barrier that addresses many of the challenges experienced during the procurement, installation, use, and maintenance of traditional systems. The SW1900 wedge barrier was designed to deliver the same quality, innovation, ease of maintenance, and reliability that hundreds of military installations, data centers, refineries, government agencies, and major corporate facilities have come to expect from the company's net-based GRAB® systems, Smith & Wesson said.  

The design of the SW1900 wedge barrier eliminates noise-producing chains and uses noise dampening technology to deliver measurably quieter operation than traditional wedge barriers. The SW1900 will be available in both hydraulic and electro-mechanical models which utilize the identical certified as-tested barrier structure and can be delivered in widths between 8 ft. and 15 ft. It is well suited for applications at Embassies and other Department of State facilities, Department of Defense installations, Federal Agencies, and at commercial installations such as data centers and petrochemical processing plants.