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Secura Key, Chatsworth, Calif., is celebrating the company’s 40th year in business.

Secura Key began manufacturing mechanical/magnetic Barium Ferrite insert readers for parking applications in 1971 in California’s San Fernando Valley. Secura Key invented Touch Card™ technology, which transformed the Barium Ferrite card into a digital technology. Wiegand-output Touch Card™ OEM readers kept large Cardkey and CASI-Rusco systems running for many years at major corporations like FedEx and Ford Motor Company. Secura Key used the Touch Card™ technology to build the simple, reliable 26SA and 28SA Plus standalone readers, which were widely used by major telephone entry system OEMs for many years for gate and parking applications.

Secura Key later developed proximity and contactless smart card readers, keypads, control panels, and access control software.

Secura Key said it was one of the first companies to make contactless smart card readers for access control applications. It also sells RFID products (readers and transponders) for large non-access control applications, including loyalty, membership, asset tracking and process control applications.

Secura Key has a complete in-house card manufacturing and 4-color digital printing facility, and is capable of producing most major card technologies, including Wiegand, BaFe, proximity, mag stripe, contactless smart cards (including TI, Mifare, and DESfire technologies) UHF, and multi-technology cards. Secura Key designed and built most of its production equipment and manufacturing automation with internal resources.