A white paper published by SightLogix® Inc. highlights the environmental factors that can degrade thermal camera performance and explains a new approach to achieving clear, high-contrast images in these outdoor conditions, day or night.

“A New Perspective on Thermal Imaging,” available at www.sightlogix.com/clear24thermal, explains how environmental factors of rain, humidity and bright sun create difficulties for some thermal cameras, leading to white, blurry images that lack important scene details. This white paper demystifies the effect of environmental issues that degrade video quality and explains how it can be achieved for 24-hour use in all environments.

“Thermal cameras have been known for nighttime applications, but are unable to provide important scene details during the day and in poor weather,” said John Romanowich, president and CEO, SightLogix. “Security depends upon clear images for actionable response.”

Readers will learn about the role that image processing plays to produce sharp clear images, day or night, approaching black-and-white photograph quality which reduces operator fatigue. They also will learn how image processing can reveal objects that blend into the background; eliminate “white-out” from the sun that conceals targets; automatically adapt to low-contrast situations such as fog, rain and humidity; and obtain clearer details at greater ranges.

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