Cars and car parts are hot items for thieves, leaving a car dealer’s inventory especially vulnerable. Sophisticated thieves know how to circumvent security systems to quickly strip or steal them. Vera Cadillac, a dealer in Pembroke Pines, Fla., wanted to combat this threat with an improved security system.

ADT’s Miramar branch, working with Optex, proposed a system flexible enough to account for vegetation and natural obstacles but robust enough to foil vandalism. The system uses Redwall SIP wireless passive infrared detectors as triggers for the PTZ security cameras. Once the detectors trigger the camera, the camera records the intrusion. In addition, ADT’s central monitoring station will track the event and alert local authorities and Vera Cadillac personnel.

Twelve Redwall sensors are mounted inside the perimeter on building walls nine feet above ground, making them significantly harder to tamper with. The earlier sensors were mounted outside of the perimeter fence, where they could be disabled.

“Since we installed the new systems, theft and vandalism have been significantly reduced,” said John Reis, general manager of Vera Cadillac. “Not only is our property more secure, but the fast

response to attempted illegal entry is also a deterrent.”

Redwall SIP (Synthesized Intelligent PIR) sensors are passive infrared devices that can intelligently detect motion. The units are also equipped with anti-rotation and anti-masking functions to detect vandalism or tampering with the unit.

“The wireless Redwall SIP detector is perfectly suited for even adding to current CCTV systems to make existing security networks more efficient,” notes Chris Adams, Optex’s Eastern regional sales manager. “ADT demonstrated this by installing all 12 units on four buildings in a remarkable six hours.”