Video Security Intercom

Linear LLC, with headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif., believes it has advanced the video intercom segment with the introduction of the VMC1 Video Security Intercom System, a centralized security solution that delivers live video, audio, whole-home intercom, door releases, alarm triggers, and remote monitoring features in one highly capable and flexible system.

“We’re seeing a renaissance in the home intercom segment, and the VMC1 is our masterpiece,” described Gary Baker, vice president of marketing for Linear. “The advanced video and intercom features combined with music-sharing options make this a truly unique security and communication system. Dealers will also appreciate the accessory add-ons and potential for expansion.”

The VMC1 Master Station is the central hub of the system and has a large 5.6-inch color LCD video display that can monitor any entryway equipped with a camera. Traditional security systems with multiple camera stations are difficult to monitor because the homeowner is not always available or in front of a screen when someone rings the doorbell, Linear stated in its announcement. With integrated live video support, the VMC1 System provides access to up to three color video cameras or video door stations, allowing users to view activities inside and out from the master station, or with optional accessories, from a TV display, or select portable devices. When not at home, the VMC1 System also can deliver a live video signal or email a snapshot picture of the front door visitor to a smartphone or computer for quick identification.

In addition, from the VMC1 Master Station, music can be shared with any room station, either from the AM/FM tuner or from auxiliary devices such as MP3 players or smartphones. While all room stations allow room-to-room or whole-home communication, the Master Station video screen allows users to speak with and see visitors at monitored doors.

The system can support up to three remote electronic door release mechanisms to unlock a door or gate. It also has two control output switches to remotely turn on lights, trigger an alert on an alarm panel or even close a garage door. By combining visual monitoring with the ability to enact a security response in the home, the VMC1 is a serious deterrent and one of the most sophisticated video security intercom systems available, Linear contends.

With all the security and control functionality, one might overlook the whole-home intercom functionality of the Linear VMC1. Seeking to address a range of communication needs, the intercom lets users speak to a single room, a group of rooms or the whole house (up to 20 rooms). Whether the user is telling the kids to get ready for bed, calling houseguests for dinner, or using the system to make a company-wide announcement in a small office, the VMC1 initiates hands-free conversations to any room station. One or more rooms also can be monitored or kept private, depending on preferences.

The new VMC1 Video Security Intercom System comes in what Linear describes as handsome white, black or bronze finishes to complement any décor.

For information about the VMC1 Video Security Intercom and Linear LLC, visit or call 800-421-1587.