Easy Lobby software

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Carmel, Ind., has provided its authorized dealers/distributors a new Knowledge Center portal with which they can log in to ask questions on a variety of door hardware and access control topics. The portal provides a wide range of solutions, from which type of steel door to use on a particular opening to installation suggestions, templates and service manuals on specific products. As a result, authorized Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies’ dealers and distributors now have 24/7 support for finding information from a database of more than 2,500 solutions.

“It is awesome,” lauds Dana Wetherbee, senior manager with Warren Hollow Metal Doors and Frames, Pensacola, Fla. “I have found very little that it does not answer. The Knowledge Center saves me a lot of time from having to call technical support.”

 Emphasized Al Urbaniak, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies product support manager, “Our new Knowledge Center highlights another advantage of being an Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies channel partner. We are now packaging information from both our product Technical Support teams and our highly respected training programs, sharing it with our authorized dealers and distributors instantaneously, on demand.”

Not only is the new Knowledge Center built upon a large base of information, but content will continue to grow to refine the original material and add to it. Constant use and its interactive nature will continuously validate the solutions provided.

“Importantly, the new Knowledge Center is dynamic,” Urbaniak explained. “Upon finding a solution, the Knowledge Center itself asks for feedback by providing an opportunity for the user to rate the solution, telling us whether or not the solution could be found and, if found, how to improve it. In this way, the Knowledge Center is constantly being updated.”

To use the Knowledge Center portal, a dealer or distributor logs into the Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies PartnerLink Site, clicks to the Knowledge Center and enters a question or problem. The site then provides a series of more detailed questions. By clicking on one, the Knowledge Center provides the solution or answer, or takes the user to printed material. Dealers and distributors can also ask how Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies products work together.

Since it began its pilot phase in April 2012, the Knowledge Center has provided more than 30 solutions a day. The company expects these numbers to rise quickly as more people learn about Knowledge Center.

For information, visit securitytechnologies.ingersollrand.com.